Hoist! Interview

Hoist! Promo photoBy a very lucky accident, the promo version of Hoist!’s ‘Ami Noir’ album fell into my hands and I had a long period of time during which I couldn’t stop listening to the beautiful madness and combinations of jazz and blues with a touch of punk and metal. There’s plenty of genuine stuff emerging from Norwegian musical scene, but for some reason Hoist! was the most fresh, yet full of contrast and managing the hold on to a very old and classic sound at the same time. I guess the easiest to understand what I mean is to try to listen to them for yourselves, either by checking out for their video releases on youtube or visiting one of their official pages: http://www.hoistnorway.com and https://www.facebook.com/hoistnorway
February 2013 means the release date of their first full length album, ‘Ami Noir’, an album magically produced by Oz Fritz, who previously worked with ‘special sounding’ artists, such as Herbie Hancock, Tom Waits, Primus, Ornette Coleman. But until then, I had the chance to sit down for a chat with the two voices of Hoist!, Marita Røstad and Stian Leknes and be introduced to their world full of music and emotions. So many emotions that they get a biker crying and admitting he had the most beautiful piss ever while listening live to one of their songs. Enjoy the lecture!

Me: When did all begin with Hoist!?
Marita: We found out that we wanted to play some of my songs at the rehearsal (we had played together before, in another band) and it worked out quite well. After that we decided to make more songs together, and suddenly we had enough for the album.

Me: Was it just the two of you or all of the band?
Marita: All of us.
Stian: It was actually six of us who did that. Kristoffer came in when we actually had the project started. But more or less all the songs we had from the very beginning ended up on our first album.
Marita: We did a demo in a studio in Trondheim once we had some songs ready, and we contacted Oz Fritz with that demo to ask if he wanted to produce our album.

Me: Why did you choose him?
Marita: We have heard his work on ‘Mule Variations’ by Tom Waits, and we love that sound.
Stian: I guess we were basically listening through different albums, looking at who the producer of the engineer is. ‘Mule Variations’ stood out as one of the best sounds and we saw that Oz Fritz had done that, and he also did Primus and Iggy Pop and lots of other stuff. I called Prairie Sun, where the album is mixed, because we figured out he worked there a lot. He happened to be there that day, he told us to send over some songs for him to check out. We had a new phone call the day after and he told us he loved it. He suggested we worked in France, at ‘La Fabrique’, the studio where we ended up recording the album.

Me: So you all travelled there?
Stian: Yea, all seven of us. And he flew in from the States because since he’s based there.

Me: Wow, quite an international collaboration there.
Stian: I guess so. It’s also mixed in an American studio, so…
Marita: It was certainly the most suitable place to record it.
Stian: The whole experience was really awesome. The building is an old factory for army clothes, for the French army in the 1800 or something like that. The story is that they used to make red uniforms but after a while they figured out that the red colour is not really that good. People can quickly see you and shoot you. So instead or changing to blue or green, they just shut off the whole thing. Typical French.
Marita: Then Herve and Isabelle, a married couple, they bought it and made a studio.
Stian: It’s a huge complex with huge rooms and really great to work in.

Me: So, this style of music is something you did before coming up with the Hoist! idea?
Marita: I write most of the songs and then we all somehow define the direction of the music.
Stian: Actually the band existed already to do ‘The Earth Died Screaming’. a Tom Waits celebration concert. So this probably helped shaping the style of music. This started out at Trondheim Jazz Festival in 2008. We were basically the same people as now, except Kristoffer.
Marita: I guess we wanted to eventually do our own material, and not only the tribute concert, so that’s why we started working on our own songs.

Me: This obviously means Tom Waits is a big inspiration for you. What other names would you think of as inspirations?
Marita: I’m also very influenced by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.
Stian: There’s way more than that. I don’t think you can label us as strictly a Tom Waits-like sounding band. I guess it’s a big mix, and I guess that’s why it works when there are so many different musicians in the band coming from such different backgrounds – like me and few others coming from metal, a couple of us from the rock scene and the others from the jazz scene. I think this shines through in the music.

Me: Is it only you Marita writing the whole of one song? Or you are responsible for the main idea and then everybody contributes?
Marita: We kinda vary this from song to song. But on most of them, I come with what I have already written, take this to the band and they do what they want to do with the material. There’s some instructions from me as well…But that’s how you end up with some parts that are really grind core and then some of them are pure jazz and so on.
Stian: I think it’s also what Kristoffer said when we were in France – the reason that the music comes out as original as it does is that neither Marita nor anyone else hasn’t put too much lead on anything. Everyone can do what they want.
Marita: We actually want people to do what they like to do, so that we get the music to be kinda special and original.

Me: How did you get the two brothers to split between drumming and percussion?
Stian: That was hard actually. It happened when we played ‘The Earth Died Screaming’. Originally we had another drummer, Stian Lundberg, but he started doing some other stuff, so I called Alessandro to ask if he can do the drums for the concert in Drammen. He was busy that day, so I thought to call his brother. It happened that they were sitting in the same car so I heard Alessandro in the background wondering why I’m calling his brother for. So it was actually a coincidence that Daniel could do it that day.
Marita: He played really well. After the first gig with him, we decided we really wanted him to stay.
Stian: Alessandro was already playing percussion with us, so he just stayed with that and Daniel took over the drums part.
Marita: It works really well now. Everyone got used to it.

Me: I personally love those percussion parts and they fit so well, they are played at such right times.
Marita: Our sound engineer always says that Alessandro is the glue in the band.
Stian: It’s about small things that actually make stuff stand out from the ordinary. He’s not really a percussionist, he’s never done a lot of percussion before.
Marita: But it’s the way he plays the drumkit. It’s kinda percussion like.
Stian: And when he does percussion it really sounds special, so everyone just likes it.


Me: More stuff about the new album…so who is Ami and why is she or he or it black?
Marita: It’s the French for ‘Dark Friend’. We never thought about it as a name actually. We thought about having a French name on the album, since it was recorded there. We had different suggestions and it actually happened while we were recording.
Stian: One day we were sitting on the couch, listening to ‘Dark Friend’, and she asks what dark friend would be in French. And then we had ‘Ami Noir’. So we confirmed with the French guy if it was ok.

Me: Who’s writing the lyrics? Only you?
Marita: No, we both are.

Me: Any particular themes or ideas you try to put in them? Is there a concept in this album?
Marita: It has turned out to be one actually. I hadn’t quite realised how dark the lyrics were until Oz said it.
Stian: When we were talking about the album titles, Oz suggested we’d call it ‘Songs in the key of death’. The opposite of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the key of life’. He said that all of our songs are basically about death. I guess the theme in the lyrics ended up kinda being death.

Me: There’s certain characters in your songs. Are they based on real ones or mainly imagination? Like Rosemary for example.
Marita: It’s not easy to explain. It’s based on a person, yet it’s not.
Stian: I think that when you write something, you end up putting some influence from a real character or from within yourself. Then you twist that around and do whatever you want with it and end up with fiction based on reality.
Marita: Me and Stian have discussed this and I must say that I kinda want people to read what they want to. I don’t want a special interpretation.
Stian: It can be a long discussion about art, debating if the author should explain anything or leave people the freedom of seeing what they want.

Me: Even if the album is not out yet, you went touring around Norway this year, right? What kind of reactions did you get from the people?
Hoist promo photoMarita: It was quite overwhelming at some places, people started to cry and such. Probably a good emotional reaction.
Stian: Overall, the response was pretty good for the live shows.
Marita: Usually people are reserved at each concert, wondering what kind of music this is, especially when one song starts like one genre, and the next one as another genre and so on. After a while, they start to really get into it.
Stian: We have a good memory from Tromsø. We played at Bastard Bar a couple of times. The first time we played there, there were these two guys from a motorcycle club, as one of the owners is a motorcycle club guy. They came to the door, standing and wondering if they’d come in and pay the entrance fee or not. When they walked in, we were playing something with a jazz touch in it and they decided that “naaah, this is not our thing”. But then we burst out into something else and made them say “oh, but this is punk. We can listen to punk”. A bit later on “No, this is not punk either”. So they thought we just had our thing, our kind of journey in our music.
Marita: One of them actually started to cry.

Me: Wow, you made a biker cry.
Stian: Hehe, yea, that’s pretty good. One of them was also telling us this story. He went into the toilet, right behind the stage. He was standing there pissing listening to our song called ‘Unchained’ and that was the most beautiful piss he ever took. Now that’s a good compliment.

Me: How easy is it to manage seven people on the tour, compared to the usual four, maybe five?
Stian: I guess that’s my task, I’m some sort of administrator. But they’re a good bunch of people and we get along most of the times. There’s, of course, like in every band, some small arguments, but it’s been mostly going smooth. We have all been friends for many years now and that helps. We had some time issues here and there, some like to sleep more than others and such, hehe, you know, it happens with every band.

Me: You earlier said that a couple of people have jazz background, some have metal background and so on. Does it mean you studied together or?
Marita: Me and Kristoffer have studied jazz in Trondheim. Daniel has also studied in Levanger, so now he owns his own music school in Trondheim. Alessandro went to a highschool for music and he studied classical piano actually. And went on to metal drumming after that.

Me: So it’s actually a mix of self-educated musicians and people who did take music lessons?
Stian: Yea, I’m self-educated for example.

Me: Really? You had no training for your singing?
Stian: I am studying now, but I study esthetics related to music.

Me: Does that affect your stage moves in any way?
Marita: Hehe. But that’s also a thing I wanted. To have many different backgrounds.
Stian: I actually think that if everyone has musical education it can be a drawback. Not in all cases, but it can be an advantage to mix various backgrounds.

Me: Out of all the instruments that you are using, is there any that you find harder than the others when it comes to integrating it in the music or so?
Stian: We never particularly struggled with any of the instruments.
Marita: We kind of know now that if you just give it time, things would fall into place. People work at different speeds, like for instance Magnus finds out right away what he wants to play on his bass. But the drummer needs to try out different grooves and different things first, but I think that’s an organic process.

Me: So you don’t find any challenge overall?
Stian: No, not really. Probably the hardest thing at the beginning was to figure out how we’re gonna do it vocally. Who’s gonna sing what. But everything fell into place pretty quickly. And the album is recorded mainly live, or everyone together at once.
Marita: It’s only the choir and the organ sections that were added later.
Stian: We did these in a little church right down the street from the studio. The owner came with his dog and unlocked the church doors for us. We even rang the bells so we have the genuine bell sound for the song ‘Room 123’. It’s a church from the 1500 or something like that.

Me: So far you have a video released online. It is for the song ‘Splinters’. What on Earth is that clip about? How did the idea for it come up?
Marita: Everything is Snorre Hovdal’s (Dispenser Media) idea. He was the director and we never saw the video until it was done.

Me: Do you understand anything out of it?
Stian: I think I understand it. But I think it’s open for interpretation. But it is about deception and mainly self-deception.

Me: But there will be a new video?
Marita: Yes, for ‘Time will come’. It will be out around the release date of the album, now in February.

Me: Any future touring plans?
Stian: We have two release concerts, one on February 7th at Internasjonalen in Oslo and one the next day at Blæst in Trondeim. We are working at the tour right now, so you have to wait a little while before we announce anything. We’d love to play as much as possible. I think in a month or so we will have the touring planned.

Me: I hope you get your music to more and more people, since it’s so beautiful and needs to be heard.


New video release

It’s finally up and running! The video for the song’ Ease your pain’ by the Norwegian thrash metal band Imbalance. The song is taken from the band’s album ‘Period Three Implies Chaos’ and was filmed in Oslo in December 2011.

The video is produced and directed by Øyvind Welle – http://wellefilms.com/ and on his page you find full video credits.
A full photoset from the video filming can be found here. Enjoy!

Day 0 at Inferno Metal Festival 2011 – Club Day

As every year, the Inferno metal festival that takes place during the Easter weekend in Oslo, Norway, is opened by a Club day on Wednesday. The club day means a multitude of bands who, for one reason or another, wouldn’t be added to the main list of performers, but instead they are being split at 6-7 stages all over the city center to perform there. Initially I was considering John Dee to see Einherjer but after hearing from various people how crowded the place gets, I went to Victoria National Jazz Scene club. As you can probably tell by the name, it’s not the regular metal club, hence it was rather funny to get in there and see the floor in front of the stage empty while every leather bearer around was laying on the soft couches and chairs far in the back. But eventually, when the dimmed lights announced the appearance of the first band on stage, people started appearing in front of the stage.

First to perform were the Austrians from Dornenreich, who for the first song only had an acoustic guitar and a violin on stage. Very beautiful music, but bringing up a lot of WTF question marks if you didn’t know their music and you were convinced you’re attending a rather extreme metal festival. But problem got solved with the second song when the drummer came on stage and the acoustic was replaced. Still not the usual number of instrument types for a metal act, yet they put together an incredibly pleasant ambiental music, sometimes led by fast guitar solos that would also backup the growlings and other times flowing into softer parts where the violin takes control and thrills your ears. But at any time the drums are quite powerful and fast, contributing quite a lot to the actual melody in their songs.

For the next band, Okkultokrati, I will allow myself to copy their own description from the facebook page: “Frosty and nihilistic punk metal, now sludgy, then with a galloping d-beat. Drums chop and cruise at times, riding like Hellhammer, somersaulting other times in Sabbath fashion. The sound churns and chugs and sways and sags and sprints and plods and gallops. It features enough detuned, crane-necked riffing and grated chord-work to satisfy all manner of heavy-music fans.” Because this is pretty much what we heard and experienced on stage, and I need to stress out the insanity of the bass player who would spin around both himself and the bass, lift it, lower it to the floor, play it in impossible positions. All these while wearing a very blue tshirt. And the drummer, despite the fact that he only used 2 cymbals and 2 toms, made enough noise for 3 drumkits. They get a lot of pluses for the stage performance, but also some minuses for the vocalist whom I found rather dull compared to the other members.

As preparation for the next band, a bunch of people laid a lot of candles in front of the stage, lit them – to the excitement of us, photographers, who found the right scenery for artistic images – placed a skull or two on the monitors, some flags with the band’s logos and a bunch of pedals on the floor. When the band came on stage, we realised – to the disappointment of the photographers – that there’s no other lights than the lit candles. Oh, and a screen that was placed as backdrop and on which a demonic movie was being projected. The 6 Norwegians from Altaar filled the whole space on the stage and the projection was a bit wasted since you’d always have the images interrupted by their silhouettes. Musically though, I expected something very dark and continuous growling, especially after seeing that the singer comes on stage in a long black robe with a hood covering most of his head and a lot of paint on his face. But to my surprise what I heard on stage was more in the range of noise. A dark noise if you want, but a lot of pedal effects that made Andreas Tylden to spend half of the time on his knees. They reminded me of what I had heard from SunO))) or Isis. And man, was it loud. I’m not always thrilled by such a multitude of effects in music, but I admit that the song structure was rather incredible, almost always increasing the tempo and the intensity a bit, shaking you off the ground by the end of the song.

I’ll stop here with the words for this day and hope the next 3 days of Inferno will bring more and more thrilling musicians and sounds on the stages.

Concerts or bands seen live

  • Cargo + Pasarea Colibri – Arenele Romane Bucharest
  • Prodigy x 2 – Sala Polivalenta Bucharest
  • Nightwish x2 – Sala Polivalenta, Sala Palatului Bucharest Sep 2005&Nov 2004
  • Lake of tears –  Sala Agronomia Bucharest Mar 2006
  • Lake of tears,Thunderstorm, Rage – Arenele Romane Bucharest Sep 2007
  • Amorphis & Haggard – Romexpo Bucharest Feb 2008
  • Blind Guardian – Arenele Romane Bucharest May 2007
  • Paradise Lost & Negura Bunget – Romexpo Bucharest Jan 2008
  • Jethro Tull – Sibiu, Artmania Festival Aug 2007
  • Phoenix – many times, Bucharest, Sighisoara
  • Metallica – Lia Manoliu, Bucharest 1999 June 09
  • Bregovic x 3 – Sala Polivalenta, Palatul Copiilor Bucharest
  • Emir Kusturica and the No smoking orchestra – Sala Polivalenta Bucharest
  • Wacken Aug 2007 – Germany (including Therion, Amorphis, Immortal, InFlames, 1349, Type O Negative, Dimmu Borgir, Blind Guardian
  • Uriah Heep – Sala Palatului, Bucharest. Stadionul Cotroceni Bucharest
  • Therion x2 Sala Palatului Bucharest 2004 & Dec 2006 (Therion Goes Classic)
  • Therion, Vision Bleak – Melkweg Amsterdam Dec 2007
  • Therion, Vision Bleak – Elysée Montmartre Paris Dec 2007
  • Picture of the Moon – Barneveld Dec 2007
  • Clutch – Oslo Jun 2008
  • Iron Maiden – Valle Hovin Oslo Jul 2008
  • Chrome Division – John Dee Oslo Sep 2008
  • Let3 – Oslo Aug 2008
  • Øya Festival – Oslo Aug 2008 (Kaizers Orchestra, Keep of Kalessin, Ida Maria, Sun o))), The grindermen, Mayhem)
  • Hole in the Sky festival – Bergen Aug 2008 (Meshuggah, Behemoth)
  • Theoball – Gamla, Oslo Oct 2008, Some bar in Oslo Feb 2009
  • Nightingale, Moonsorrow, Grave Digger, Borknagar, Candlemass – Screamfest festival, Oslo, Chateau Neuf Nov 2008
  • AC/DC – Telenor Arena, Oslo Feb 2009
  • Katzenjammer – Rockefeller, Oslo Nov 2008 & Jan 2009
  • Turisas, Dragonforce – Rockefeller, Oslo Feb 2009
  • Ihsahn, Opeth – Rockefeller, Oslo Mar 2009
  • Negura Bunget, Kampfar, Pestilence,The batallion, Septic Flesh,Episode 13,Azarath, Ramesses – Rockefeller&JOhn Dee at Inferno Festival Oslo, Ap3 09
  • State of Play – Cafe Sør, Oslo, Mar 2009
  • Sabaton, Hammerfall – Rockefeller, Oslo Mar 2009
  • The Goo Men + Reverend C.H. Morton & The Kosmic Bogie Tribe  – Last train Cafe Oslo, May 2009; Revolver Oslo, 30 Oct 2009
  • Jethro Tull – Sentrum Oslo, 03Jun 2009
  • anthrax, candlemass, chickenfoot, children of boom, devil driver, diablo blvd, disturbed, epica, lamb of god, marilyn manson, nightwish, sacred reich, satriani, scar symmetry, suicidal tendencies, trivium, ufo, warbringer, black stone cherry, death angel, duff mckagan, hatebreed, journey, kataklysm, keep of kalessin, korn, mastodon, slpiknot, volbeat, blind guardian, dragon force, dream theater, heaven & hell, jon oliva pain, mötley crüe, samael, soulfly, w.a.s.p. – Dessel, Belgium at Graspop Metal Meeting 26-28 Jun 2009
  • Ihsahn, Opeth – Oslo Live festival, 03 Jul 2009
  • Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Machine Head, Mastodon, Metallica, Primal Scream, Cradle of Filth, The Cult, The Hives – Sonisphere festival, Hultsfred, Sweden 18 Jul 2009
  • Satyricon, Arctic Monkeys, Enslaved, Lily Allen, Datarock, Bob Hund, Beirut, Band of Horses, Snôras, Thåström, Harrys gym, Röyksopp, Frida Hyvönen – Øyafestivalen, Oslo Norway, 8-11 Aug 2009
  • Satyricon, Kaizer’s Orchestra – Granittrock festival, Oslo 04 Sept 2009
  • Unearth, Chimaira – Betong, Oslo, 18 Sept 2009
  • Imbalance, Forgery – Rock In, Oslo, 12 Nov 09
  • Shadows Fall, Five Finger Death Punch – John Dee Oslo, 18 Nov 2009
  • Chrome Division – John Dee Oslo, 20 Nov 2009
  • Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb, Victims – Betong, Jan 2010, Oslo
  • The Goo men – last Train, Oslo, Dec 2009
  • The Goo men – release party, Gloria Flames, 06 Feb 2010, Oslo
  • Leprous – Skuret, 10 Feb 2010, Oslo
  • Rammstein – Valhall Arena, 18 Feb 2010, Oslo
  • Leprous – Skuret, 05 May 2010, Oslo
  • Spearhead, Scribe, Vomitory – Blå 30 March 2010, Oslo
  • Ram-Zet, Benediction, Ihsahn, Obscura, Taake, Deströyer666, The Kovenant, Death Angel, Irr – Inferno 31 Mar – 01 Apr 2010, Oslo
  • Gatecrashers, Ronny Pøbel – John Dee April 2010, Oslo
  • Benediction, Belphegor, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Rotten Sound, Man must die, Six Feet Under, Pestilence, Napalm Death, Locuk Up, Gorod, Immolation – Neurotic Death fest 30 Apr 01 May 201 013, Tilburg
  • AC/DC – 16 May 2010, Bucharest
  • In Flames – Oslo Live festival, 15 Jul 2010
  • Anathema, Cohhed and cambria, 36 crazyfists, Killswitch engage, Them Crooked Vultures, AC/DC, Cancer Bats, Volbeat, HIM, Flyleaf, Five finger death punch, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Deftones, Rage against the machine, Dillinger Escape plan, Stone Sour, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Porcupine Tree, Saxon, CInderella, Slash, Billy Idol, Motörhead, Stone Temple pilots, Aerosmith – Jun 11-13 2010, Download Festival, Donington, UK
  • Revamp, Devin Townsend, Billy Talent, Anathema, DORO, Therion, Tarja, My dying bride, Slayer, Stone temple pilots, Aerosmith, Dark funeral, Eluveitie, Cannibal corpse, Paradise lost, Airbourne, Sabaton, Bullet for my valentine, Soulfly, Slash, Mucky pup, Atreyu, Evergrey, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Bloodbath, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Evergrey, KISS – 25-27 Jun 2010, Graspop, Dessel, Belgium
  • Rammsund, Jorn, Airbourne, Saxon, Cyaneed, Sublime eyes, Megadeth, Twisted Sister, Purified in blood, Over the Rainbow, Slash, Immortal, Kamelot, Crashdiet, Audrey Horne, Tony Harnell, Chrome Division, The cumshots, Enslaved, Gamma Ray, Queensrÿche, Gary Moore, Anvil, DevilDriver, Epica, Sabaton, U.D.O., Sebastian Bach, Motörhead – 7-11 Jul 2010, Norway Rock, Kvinesdal, Norway
  • Ulver – 31 Jul 2010, Opera, Oslo Norway
  • Theater of Tragedy – Farewell Tour – John Dee, Oslo, 25 Sept 2010
  • Airbag, Simon Says, Knight Area, Leprous, Lone Star Retractor – Slottsskogen Goes Progressive, 21 Aug 2010, Villa Belaparc, Göteborg, Sweden
  • 1349, Air, Altaar, Converge, Iggy and the stooges, John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen, Karpe Diem, M.I.A., The Pavement, Wardruna, Motorpsycho, Nachtmystium, Purified in Blood, Robyn, Shining, The Cumshots, The Flaming Lips, The Specials, Therese Aune, Trash Talk – Øya festivalen, Oslo Aug 2010
  • Red Sparowes – John Dee, Oslo, 05 Oct 2010
  • Communic, Illusion Suite, Iron Fire, Leprous, Onymf, Ram-zet, Sirenia, Triosphere, Wild Side, Wintergrave – 1001Watts festival, Skien, Oct 2010
  • Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 18 Oct 2010
  • Leprous, Wintergrave – Skuret, Oslo, 23 Oct 2010
  • Shining (Nor) and Drums are for parade – 013, Tilburg, NL 28 Oct 2010
  • Leprous, Therion, Loch Vostok – 013, Tilburg, NL 29 Oct 2010
  • Leprous, Therion, Loch Vostok – Oosterporten, Groningen, NL 30 Oct 2010
  • Shining(Nor), Kill – Rockefeller, Oslo, 03 Nov 2010
  • Grand Magus, Nightingale, Seventh Wonder, Portrait, Malicious Death, Merging Flare – Helsinki, Finland, Helvation Festival, Nov 2010
  • Leprous, Therion, Loch Vostok – Arenele Romane, Bucuresti, Ro 23 Nov 2010
  • Metal Militia – Rock In, Oslo, 18 Nov 2010
  • Trollfest – Rock In, Oslo, 02 Dec 2010
  • Seventh Wonder – Album release party, Stockholm, 04 Dec 2010
  • Suicide Angels, Death Angel, Exodus, Kreator – Trashfest, betong, Oslo, 07 Dec 2010
  • Danny & Mariangela (Anathema acoustic)- Buckleys, Oslo, 08 Dec 2010
  • Helloween – Rockefeller, Oslo, 09 Dec 2010
  • The GooMen 10 years anniversary – Mono, Feb 2011
  • Metal Militia – Hardrock Cafe, Feb 2011
  • Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Rockefeller, 13 Feb 2011
  • Ólöf Arnalds,  Susanne Sundfør, Dungen – 18 Feb 2011, Jakobs kirke, By:Larm Oslo
  • Nile, Goat the head, Malechesh, Bibleblack, Pressure Point – 19 Feb 2011, South of Heaven at Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo
  • Helldealer, Wyruz, Entombed – 26 Feb 2011, South of Heaven Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo
  • Motorpsycho – 5 Mar 2011 Rockefeller, Oslo
  • Suzanna Owiyo – 13 Mar 2011, Jakobkirke, Oslo
  • Taurorod, Mercenary, Psychotic Waltz, Nevermore, Symphony X – 18 Mar 2011 Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • Taurorod, Mercenary, Psychotic Waltz, Nevermore, Symphony X – 20 Mar 2011 013, Tilburg
  • GORG, Tonulenul and Telemark Lydkammer Cafe Mir, Oslo, 26 Mar
  • Farmers Market – John Dee, Oslo, 01 Apr 2011
  • Kaizers Orchestra – Oslo Spektrum, 09 April 2011
  • Ulver – Oslo Rockefeller, 16 April 2011
  • Dropkick Murphy’s – Oslo Spektrum, 18 April 2011
  • Galar, Sulphur – Oslo, Elm Street, 19 April 2011
  • Dornenreich, Okkultokrati, Altaar, Akercoke, Gothminister, DHG (Dødheimsgard), Aura Noir, Forbidden, Diskord, Harm, Voivod, Djerv, Soilent Green, Atheist, Immortal, Manifest, Malevolent Creation, Pentagram, Napalm Death, Meshuggah, Imperium Dekadenz, No Dawn – Inferno Festival 2011, Rockefeller&John Dee, Oslo 20-23 April 2011
  • Blind Guardian – Arenele Romane, Bucuresti, 01 Mai 2011
  • Negura Bunget, Ava Inferi – Club Wings, Bucuresti, 07 Mai 2011
  • Tides from Nebula, Riverside – Kulturhaus, Bucuresti, 08 Mai 2011
  • Amaranthe, Circus Maximus, Evergrey, Kamelot – Oslo Sentrum, 14 Mai 2011
  • Dubioza Kolektiv, Ökogym – Fabrikken, Oslo, 21 Mai 2011
  • Ola Kvernberg trio – Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo, 22 Mai 2011
  • Dimmu Borgir & Kork Norwegian Radio Orchestra + Shola Cantorum Choir – Spektrum, Oslo, 28 Mai 2011
  • Enslaved special show – Henie Onstand Kunstsenter, Oslo, 29 Mai 2011
  • Bulletsize, Atius, Imbalance – Unholy, Oslo, 29 June 2011
  • Troll – Unholy, Oslo, 03 June 2011
  • Dredg, Guano Apes, Hammerfall, The Darkness, Sisters of Mercy, Volbeat, Iron Maiden, Flogging Molly, 30 seconds to Mars, Danzig, Bring me the Horizon, Cavalera Conspiracy, Clutch, Katzenjammer, Korn, In Flames, Alter Bridge, Pendulum, System of a Down, Linkin Park – Nova Rock festival 2011, Nickelsdorf, Austria, 11 – 13 June 2011
  • Judas Priest – Spektrum, Oslo, 14 June 2011
  • BAX 2: – Vigeland Museum, Oslo, 30 June 2011 https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151957158208016&ref=ts
  • Vincent and Danny Cavanagh(Anathema), Mariangela (Tristania), Heartwork – Buckleys, Oslo, 02 July 2011
  • Forbidden, Arch Enemy, At the gates, Morbid Angel, Spiritual Beggars, Hell, Epica, Katatonia, Blind Guardian, Devin Townsend project, Tarot, Wintersun, Enslaved, Ghost, Medeia, Meshuggah, AMorphis, Amon Amarth, Shining (swe), Kvelertak, Turisas – Tuska Metal Festival 22-24 July, Helsinki, Finland
  • In flames, UDO, Blind Guardian, Kvelertak, Mercenary, Ingenting, Insense, Djerv, Breed, Switchblade love, Volbeat, Black Label Society, Meshuggah, Cancer bats, Pagan’s mind, Quireboys, Saint Deamon, Blood command, Alice Cooper, the Darkness, Edguy, TNT, Keep of Kalessin, Mongo Ninja – Norway Rock festival 7-10 July, Kvinesdal, Noray
  • Monolithic, Battles – Blå, Oslo, 17 Aug
  • Susanne Sundfør – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 18 Aug
  • Sepultura – Rockefeller, Oslo, 21 Aug
  • Arcturus, Tristania, Leprous, Soxpan, Manitou – Southern Discomfort, Kristiansand, 9-10 September 2011
  • Leprous – Release Concert, Blå, Oslo, 14 Sept
  • Torch, Serenity Trace – John Dee, Oslo, 16 Sept
  • Trollfest, Finntroll, Turisas, Arkona, Dornenreich, Wintersun, Skalmold, Todtgelichter – Heidenfest 2011 tour, Hessenhalle, Giessen, Germany – 01 Oct
  • Trollfest, Arkona, Dornenreich, Skalmold, Todtgelichter – Heidenfest 2011 tour, Westbahnhof, Berlin, Germany – 02 Oct
  • DMG, Pagan’s Mind, Symphony X – C Club, Berlin, Germany , 02 Oct 2011
  • Chimaira, Revocation, Impending Doom – Studio 7, Seattle, 20 Oct
  • Devil Driver, Bring me the Horizon, Machine Head – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 01 Nov
  • DREAMS OF THE LOST ROAD – DAHKABRAKHA – OSLO World Music Festival – Mathallen Vulkan, Oslo, 02 Nov
  • Balkan Brass Battle – Fanfara Ciocarlia versus Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra – Rockefeller, Oslo, 04 Nov
  • Englestøv – Café Mir, Oslo, 05 Nov
  • Wolves in the throne room + Wolvserpent – John Dee, Oslo, 06 Nov
  • Flogging Molly – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 10 Nov
  • Ghost, Bring me the Horizon, In Flames – Spektrum Scene, Oslo, 14 Nov
  • Rise to Remain – Lydverket, Internasjonalen, Oslo, 15 Nov
  • Riverside – John Dee, Oslo, 16 Nov
  • Casa Murilo – Parkteatret, Oslo, 25 Nov
  • Katatonia – John Dee, Oslo, 15 Dec
  • Shining, Jenny Hval, El Doom – Rockefeller, Oslo, 08 Jan 2012
  • Nils Petter Molvær (with Stian Westerhus and Erland Dahlen) – Rockefeller, Oslo, 20 Jan
  • Inferno Kickoff fest – Trollfest, Dead trooper, Bulk, Vesen – 28 Jan, John Dee, Oslo
  • Kaos + Ine Hoem, AIming for Enrike – Cafe Kaos, Oslo, 15 Feb 2012
  • Ane Brun, Jonas Alaska, Ice Age, El Doom, El Caco, Siver Høyem – by:Larm 2012, 16 feb
  • Odd fellow’s rest – St. Halvard’s Pub, Oslo, 17 Feb
  • Imbalance, Exeloume, Ninth Circle – Thrash and Burn Tour 2012, Kråkereiret, Moss, 23 feb
  • Erland Dahlen – releaseconcert – Kulturkirken Jacob, Oslo, 24 Feb
  • Imbalance, Exeloume, Ninth Circle – Thrash and Burn Tour 2012, Felix Pub&Scene, Lillehammer, 25 Feb
  • Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Exovious, Gorod – South of Heaven/Omnivium 2012 Tour, Betong, Oslo, 14 Mar
  • Motorpsycho, Blomst – Byscenen, Trondheim, 15 Mar
  • Lerprous, Vildhjarta, Sylosis, Fleshgod Apocalypse – Trondheim Metalfest 16 Mar
  • Cryptex, Pain of Salvation – John Dee, Oslo, 20 Mar
  • Ørkenkjøtt, Domene – John Dee, Oslo, 22 Mar
  • Katzenjammer + supp – Rockefeller, Oslo, 24 Mar
  • Chton, Manifest, Hellish Outcast, Trollfest, Anaal Nathrakh, 1349, Triptykon, Borknagar, Necronomicon, Merah, Aeon Throne, Agalloch, Absu, Dead Trooper, Autopsy, Solstafir, Aggravator, Throne of Katarsis, Svarttjen, Einherjer, Decapitated, Witchery, Arcturus – Inferno Metal Festival 2012, Blå, John Dee, Rockefeller, Oslo, 04-07 Apr
  • Grotesque Histerectomy, Bulk, Ørkenkjøtt, Dead Trooper – Sandvika, 13 Apr
  • Farmers Market, Sudan Dudan, Goylem Space Klezmer – Rockefeller, Oslo, 19 Apr
  • Manndfred’s man Earth band – Rockefeller, Oslo, 20 Apr
  • Food feat Aarseth & Sontakke – Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene 03 May, Oslo
  • Bombus, Kollwitz, Wolves like Us – John Dee, Oslo, 05 May
  • Eyolf Dale – release concert – Kulturkirken Jacob, Oslo, 09 May
  • Vulture Industries, Helheim, Taake – South of Heaven,Betong, Oslo, 12 May
  • Gojira, Mastodon, Metallica – Valle Hovin, Oslo, 23 May
  • Ozzy&Friends, Black Label Society – Oslo Spektrum, May 31
  • Solstafir, Steel Panther, Trivium, Slayer, Lamb of God, Nasum, Machine Head, Anthrax, Devin Townsend Project, Benighted – Fortarock, Nijmegen, Netherlands 2 June
  • South of Heaven – Cannibal Corpse, Forcefed Horsehead, No Dawn – Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo, 8 June
  • Questionings (Vreid + Indian dance) – Opera, Oslo, 9 June
  • Godsmack, Ensiferum, Unearth, Black Label Society, Sacred reich, Slash, Paradise Lost, Devildriver, Sick of it All, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Ozzy&Friends, Lamb of God, kuss Lives!, Heidevolk, Primal Fear, Thin Lizzy, Death Angel, Eluveitie, Megadeth, Exodus, Fear Factory, Leprous, Ihsahn, Twisted Sister, Pennywise, Dimmu Borgir, Limp Bizkit, Guns’n’roses, Ugly Kid Joe, Europe, Mayan, Sebastian Bach, Gotthard, Rival Sons, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Spoil Engine, Machine Head, Motorhead, Behemoth, Gojira, Hatebreed – Graspop Metal Meeting 2012, Dessel, Belgium, 22-24 June
  • Mongo Ninja, Behemoth, Kampfar, Vreid, Cockroach Agenda – Fire walk with me tour, Rockefeller, 28 June
  • Exodus, Edguy, Trivium, Megadeth, Arcturus, Amoral, Suidakra, Barren Earth, Saint Vitus, Hatebreed, Oddland, Mokoma, Napalm Death, Sonata Arctica, Sabaton, Amoral, Textures, Insomnium, Anaal Natrakh, Swallow the Sun, Battle Beast, For the Imperium, Ministry, Overkill, Apocalyptica, Skeletonwitch – Tuska Festival, Helsinki, Finland, 29 jun – 01 Jul
  • Moonsorrow, Gaf and Ghoul Patrol – Virgin Oil, Helsinki, 29 Jun
  • Saint Vitus, Sunswitch, Tombstones – Blå, Oslo, 17 July 2012
  • Aiming for Enrike, YAAT – Cafe Mir, Oslo, 28 July
  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – Valle Hovin, Oslo, 21 July 2012
  • Florence + The Machine, Susanne Sundfør, The Stone Roses, Baroness, Ane Brun, Frank Ocean, Björk, Nekromantheon, Bushman’s revenge, Refused – Øya festivalen, Oslo, 7-11 August
  • Falloch, Isole, Alcest, Oranssi Pazuzu, Unholy, Dark Buddha Rising, Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Lantlos, Solstafir, Rose Rovine e Amanti, Hexvessel, Sunset in the 12th House, Coulisses, Isobel&November, Theodor Bastard, Of the Wand and the Moon, Job Karma, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble -RYMA, Alba Iulia, Romania, Dark Bombastic Evening 4, 17-18 August 2012
  • Earth Died Screaming – en hyllest til Tom Waits! – https://www.facebook.com/events/384966571558098/ – 25 August, Buckley’s, Oslo
  • Kampfar, Troll, Vith – John Dee, Oslo, 15 September
  • Jaga Jazzist and Briten sinfonia – Rockefeller, Oslo, 15 September
  • Stian Westerhus solo concert – Vigeland’s mausoleum, Oslo, 18 September
  • Leprous, Loch Vostok, Ørkenkjøtt, Aiming for Enrike – John Dee, oslo, 28September, European Progressive Assault tour
  • Trollfest, Glittertind – Internasjonalen, Oslo, 04 October
  • VOMITORY + THE SICKENING + BYFROST + BLODSPOR – Revolver, Oslo, 05 October
  • Spektralized, Karin park, Marsheaux – Elektrostat festival, Månefisken, Oslo, 06 October
  • Sunswitch pre listen party – EMI, Oslo, 10 October
  • Virus, Voivod – Betong, Oslo, 12 October
  • Seventh, Dead Trooper – Da Vinci Bar (opening party), Oslo, 13 October
  • Sonia Loinsworth – Concerts in Tomba Emanuelle – Viggeland Mausoleum, Oslo, 18 October
  • Therion+supp – Arenele Romane, Bucharest, 19 October
  • Solstafir, Dunderbeist – Internasjonalen, Oslo, 25 October
  • Leprous, Loch Vostok, Persefone, Ørkenkjøtt – Effenaar, Eindhoven, 27 October
  • Gotthard – John Dee, Oslo, 28 October
  • Leprous, Fear Factory, Devin Townsend Project – Betong, Oslo, 04 November
  • WorldService Project, Pixel – Victoria Jazzscene, Oslo, 07 November
  • Motorpsycho&Ståle Storløkken – Opera, Oslo 11 November
  • Susanne Sundfør & Trondheim Solistene – Nidarosdomen, Trondheim, 16 November
  • Manifest, Scornful – Fru Lundgreen, Trondheim, 16 November
  • Chton, Cleaver, A sorcery written in blood, Synthagon Winged, Law of the horsemen – https://www.facebook.com/events/273368989443461/ In memory of Quorthon , Fru Lungreen, Trondheim, 17 November
  • Sunswitch, Kristoffer Lislegaard – Internasjonalen, Oslo, 21 Nov
  • Engelstøv – Cafe Mono, Oslo, 29 Nov
  • At the gates, Artillery, Behemoth x2, Enslaved x2, Exodus, Holy Moses, Kampfar x2, Krisiun, Loudblast, Mayhem x2, Monstrosity, Moonspell x2,Morgoth, Municipal Waste, Nachtmystium, Necronomicon (Canada) x2, Possessed, Rotting Christ, Sacred Reich, Corrosion of Conformity, Seita, Sepultura, Sodom, Soilwork, Solstafir x2 – Barge to Hell, cruise Miami – Nassau, 3-7 December 2012
  • Rendezvous Point, Susperia, ICS Vortex – South of Heaven, Betong, Oslo, 14 December
  • Stone Sour, Audrey Horne – Rockefeller, Oslo, 18 December
  • Sonata Arctica – Rockefeller, Oslo, 23 Jan 2013
  • Ørkenkjøtt, Oberst – Uka på Blindern, Blindern Studentshus, Oslo, 30 Jan
  • Hoist! – mini concert, The Garden, Oslo, 02 Feb
  • Murray Ostril – Cafe Mono, Oslo, 03 Feb
  • Iskald, Nidingr, Kaldbrann – John Dee, Inferno Kick Off, Oslo, 03 feb
  • Wango, Englestøv – Månefisken, Oslo, 04 feb
  • Djevelkult,Frail Grounds, Tantara,Endezzma, Imbalance, Cobolt 60, Thyruz, Kirkbrann (storm and Isengard tribute), Blood Red Throne, God Seed – Hammerslag, vinerblot 2013, Tønsberg, 8-9 feb
  • A thousand Enemies, Winterfylleth, Hell – Darwin Suite, Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK, 23 feb
  • Mistur, Vreid – Fire walk with me tour, John Dee, Oslo, 01 Mar
  • Candlemass – Parkteatret, Oslo, 01 Mar
  • Ørkenkjøtt, Jane Helen – Parkteatret, 14 Mar
  • Hoist! – UnderWater Pub, 18 Mar
  • Voluspaa – Rock In, Oslo, 26 Mar
  • Krakow, Cor Scorpii, Vulture Industries – Blå, Inferno Club Day, Oslo, 27 Mar
  • Imbalance – DeVilles, Inferno Club Day, Oslo, 27 Mar
  • Hate, Faanefjell, Dark Funeral, Taake, Chrome Division, Deicide, In Vain, Carach Angren, Witchcraft, Moonspell, Suffocation, Hades Almighty, Solefald, Satyricon, Kråke, Diskord, Saint Vitus – Inferno 2013 festival, Oslo, 28-20 March
  • …And you will know us by the trail of dead, Rybozyme – John Dee, Oslo, 4 April
  • Mumford & Sons – Spektrum, Oslo, 11 April
  • Motorpsycho – Rockefeller, Oslo, 12 April
  • Boy Omega, Hellsongs – John Dee, 21 April
  • Magenta, Fields of the nephilim – Rockefeller, 25 April
  • Benea Reach, Hedvig Mollestad Trio, Shining (NO) – Rockefeller, 26 april
  • Brut Bogaloo, El Caco, Black Debbath – Rockefeller, 27 April
  • Claymords – Svalbar, Svalbard, 4th May
  • Next Life, Meshuggah, Krogh – Rockefeller, Oslo, 08 May
  • Magistre Templi, Hymn – Cafe Fiasco, Oslo, 10 May
  • Bon Jovi – Telenor Arena, oslo, 21 May
  • Skinny Jesus and the girl, Quarter Wolf, Bungalows Creek – Internasjonalen, Oslo, 06 June
  • Ni!, Synkoke, BOL/Snah/Westerhus – Match&Fuse Oslo, 2013, St Hanshaugen Park
  • Kampfar, My dying bride, Finntroll, Koldbrann, Old Dead Tree, ZZ Top, KISS, Papa Roach, Helloween, At The Gates – Hellfest festival, Clisson, France, 21-22 June
  • Nightwish, King Diamond, Kreator, Testament, Bolt Thrower, Leprous, Ihsahn, VON, Lost Society, Battle Beast, Stam1na, Dark Buddha Rising, Urfaust, De Lirium’s Order, Lama, Lost City, Barbe-Q-Barbies, Tesseract, Amaranthe, Startovarius, Amorphis, Abhorrence, Wintersun, Soilwork, We butter the bread with butter, Dreamtale – Tuska Festival 2013, Helsinki, Finland
  • Claymords, Inglorious Retards, Pain City, Unspoken – John Dee, 08 June 2013, Oslo
  • Venom, Hell, Venenum, Abhorrence, Sigh, Skyforger, Ram, Bulldozer, Secrets of the Moon – Hammer Open Air, 21 July, Turku, Finland
  • Orange Goblin – Oslo, Rockefeller, 02 Aug
  • Blur, Shining, Slayer, Godspeed! You black emperor, Kvelertak, Wu Tang Clan, Alabama Shakes, Black Debbath – Øya festivalen, Oslo, 6-11 August
  • Zero, And Also The Trees, Vulture Industries/Turning Golem, Esoteric, Mourning Beloveth, Promise and the Monster, Sieben, Theodor Bastard, Dave Cooper Quartet, Electric Moon, Electric Orange, Altar of Plagues, Ana Never, Glaciation, Parzival, In Vain, Solefald, Aluk Todolo – Dark Bombastic Evening 5, ALba Iulia, Romania, 15-17 August
  • Paradise Lost – John Dee, Oslo 06 Sept
  • Satyricon & Choir/Orchestra – Opera, Oslo, 08 Sept
  • Leprous, Vulture Industries – John Dee, Oslo 13 Sept
  • Bilocate, Klone, Orphaned Land – Beta, Copenhage, 27 Sept
  • Leprous, Vulture Industries – Beta, Copenhagen, 28 Sept
  • Royal Thunder, Baroness – Rockefeller, Oslo, 07 Oct
  • Grand General – Victoria Jazz Scene, Oslo, 08 Oct
  • Hetroertzen, Troll, Dødheimsgard – John Dee, Oslo, 16 Oct
  • Wardruna- Rikscenen, Oslo, 18 Oct
  • Metal Militia – Colosseum Roof, Oslo, 24 Oct
  • Turning Golem (Vulture Industries+Happy Gorilla Dance Company) – Garage, Bergen, 25 Oct
  • Caliban Sessions: Black Debbath, Thusla Doom, Bare Egil Band, El Doom & The Born Electric, Sweden, Blood Tsunami, Last Heat, The Dogs – Rockefeller, 26 Oct
  • Airbag – John Dee, Oslo, 30 Oct
  • Karnivool – John Dee, Oslo
  • Ugly Kid Joe, Skid Row, Dead City Ruins – John Dee, Oslo, 14 Nov
  • Trisphere, Withem, Ihsahn, The Gathering – ProgPower Oslo – Parktheatret, 16 Nov
  • HELL, Amon Amarth, Carcass – Rockefeller, Oslo, 1 Dec
  • Depeche Mode, Big Deal – Telenor Arena, Oslo, 14 Dec
  • Wyruz, Sarkom, Aeternus – Blastoff, Oslo, Revoler, 18 Dec
  • Aiming For Enrike – Revolver, Oslo, 21 Dec
  • Double Barrel – Saddle Cook, Fox Glacier, New Zealand, 16 Jan
  • Double Barrel – Kel’s Hotel, Greymouth, New Zealand, 17 Jan
  • Deep Purple – Spektrum, Oslo, Jan
  • Koldbrann, Death Tribute, Ulver Tribute, Sarkom, Midnattsvrede, Arvas, Cutthroat, Dimension F3H, Myrkskog, Svikt – Hammerslag Vinterblot, Total Bar, Tønsberg, 14-15 Feb
  • LLFinger – Club Maxi Taxi, Oslo, 28 Feb
  • Imbalance, Forcefed Horsehead, Timeworm – 15 Mar, revolver, Oslo
  • Hedvig Møllestad Trio, Krokofant – 11 Apr, Parkteatret, Oslo
  • Kampfar, Wyruz, Endolith, Unspoken, Dimmu Borgir, A storm of Light, Watain, Tristania, Oranssi Pazuzu, Kryptos, Gehenna, Fleshgod Apocalypse, MGR, MGLA, Impiety, SIGH, Rotting Christ, Midnattsvrede – Inferno 2014, Oslo
  • Solstafir, Yuma Sun – 01 May, Oslo, John Dee
  • Tori Amos – Sentrum Scene, 22 May, Oslo
  • Trollfest, Aleister Kane – Skuret, 23 May, Oslo
  • Wyruz, Forgery, Dead trooper – Skuret, 29 May, Oslo
  • Endezzma, Den Saakaldte – Revolved, Oslo, 30 May
  • Aiming for Enrike, Torgeir Waldemar – Oslo Musik Fest, 06 Jun
  • Aiming for Enrike, Anthrax, Audrey Horne, Backstreet Girls, Blaze Bailey, Black Debbath, Fork, Ghost, In Solitude, Kvelertak, Kampfar, Obliteration, Oslo Ess, Sabaton, Sepultura, Sahg, Shining, Slayer, Slegest, Soilwork, Spirit of the Dead, Turboneger, Volbeat, WASP – Tons of Rock, Halden, Norway 19-21 June
  • Anthrax, Beastmilk, Bring me the Horizon, Carcass, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Ego Fall, Emperor, Hamferd, Ensiferum, Metal Church, Orphaned Land, Philip Anselmo and the Illegals, Poison Black, Powerwolf, Satyricon, Shining, Tanbkard, Turmion Kätilöt – Tuska Festival, Finland, Helsinki 29-31 June
  • Green Carnation – Another Night under the dam, Dam 3, Kristiansand, Norway, 31st AUgust
  • The SUn Ra Arkestra – Victoria Jazz Scene, 14 Aug
  • Queens of the Stone Age, Outkast, Bare Egil Band, Deafheaven, Susanne Sundfør, Mayhem, Thusla Doom, Neko Case, – Øya Festival, Oslo, Aug 2014
  • Devin Townsend/Casualties of Cool – Savoy Theater, Helsinki, 06 Sept
  • Stian Westerhus and Sidsel Endresen – Victoria Jazz Scene, 10 Sept
  • DorDeDuh, Vulture Industries – John Dee, Oslo, 12 Sept
  • DorDeDuh, Kampfar,Vulture Industries, Septic Flesh – Southern Discomfort Festival, Kristiansand, 13 Sept
  • Finntroll, Prophane Omen, Hatesphere – Prague, Futurum Music Bar, 22 Sept
  • The Haunted, Dead Soul – John Dee, Oslo, 02 Oct
  • Tesseract, Animals as Leaders – John Dee, Oslo, 05 Oct
  • Mircea Baniciu – Rommen Sale, Oslo, 12 Oct
  • Nutopia, Farmer’s Market – Cosmopolit Scene, Oslo, 17 Oct
  • Cannibal Corpse, Aeon, Revocation – Vulkan, Oslo, 18 Oct
  • Leprous, Haken, Maschine – The Liquid Room, Edinburgh 01 Nov
  • Nils Petter Molvær – Victoria Jazz Scene, Oslo 07 Nov
  • Opeth, Alcest – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 14 Nov
  • Hoist! – Dokkhuset, Trondheim, 22 Nov
  • Swans – Rockefeller, Oslo, 24 Nov
  • Motorpsycho&Ståle Storløkken – Tekniskmuseum, Oslo, 27 nov
  • Kaztenjammer – 22 Jan Vulkan, Oslo
  • Black Debbath, Solstafir – Rockefeller, Oslo, 06 Feb
  • The Mahones, Blood or Whiskey, Dropkick Murphy’s – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 6 Feb
  • Slipknot, King 810 – Spektrum, Oslo 10 Feb
  • Primordial, Watain, Satyricon, Paradise Lost, Destruction, At The Gates, Samael, Fintroll, Dark Funeral, Dark Tranquility, Alfahanne, Blood Red Throne, Baptism, Bölzer, Craft, Crib45, Decapitated, Djevelkult, Deströyer666, Endstille, Esoteric, Gehenna, Kall, Naer Mataron, Orange Goblin, Sarkom, Tortorum, Vallenfyre, Winterfylleth, Wyruz – Blastfest, Bergen, 18-21 Feb
  • At The Gates, God Macabre – Vulkan Arena, Oslo, 26 Feb
  • Hoist! – Ælvespillet, Porsgrunn, 27 Feb
  • Earth Died Screaming – Tom waits Tribute – Horten, 28 Feb
  • Harmonica – Cafe laundromat, Oslo
  • Devin Townsend, Shining, Periphery – Prague, Roxy club, 14 March
  • Devin Townsend, Shining, Periphery – Rockefeller, Oslo, 19 March
  • Galar, Momentum, Krakow, Taake – Infenro kickoff, Blå, 01 Apr
  • Vulture Industries, Virus – Kulturhuset, Oslo, 02 Apr
  • Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell,Agusa,Anathema, Argus, Black Anvil, Bongripper, Brimstone, Darkher, Domo, Enslaved, Ivar Bjørnson, Wardruna, Skugsja, Solstafir, Solstafir, Goblin, Fields of the Nephilim, Wovenhand, The Heads, Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L, Messenger, Spidergawd, Tweak Bird, The Tower, White Hills, Zoltan, Zombi, Sammal – 013, tilburg, Netherlands 9-12 April, Roadburn Festival
  • Open Xpressions – Jazz special – 29.04 Cafeteatret
  • Swans, Okkyung Lee – 08.05 Rockefeller
  • Nutopia – 10.05 Riksscene
  • Def Leppard, 5Fingers Death Punch, Judas Priest – 02.06 Spektrum Scene
  • Petter Carlen and Vince Cavanagh – 12.06 Buckley’s Pub
  • Artch, Backyard Babies, Black Debbath, Bömbers, Dum Dum Boys, Dunderbeist, Eluveitie, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gojira, Graveyard, Ihsahn, In Flames, Kreator, Mayhem, Nifelheim, Opeth, Rammsung, Seigmen, Solstafir, Testament, Triosphere, Twisted Sister, Venom, Warp Riders – 18-20 Jun 2015
  • Abbath, Alice Cooper, Amorphis, Bloodbath, Blues Pills, Bombus, Ghost Brigade, Einherjer, Exodus, In Flames, Lamb of God, Loudness, Mokoma, Ne Obliviscaris, Opeth, Sabaton, Stratovarius, The Architechts, The Sirens, Warmen
  • Alice Cooper – 01.07 Sentrum Scene
  • The Offspring – 11.08 Sentrum Scene
  • At The Gates, Moonspell, Vulture Industries, Biohazard, Enslaved, Ne Obliviscaris, Suicidal Angels – 14.08 Rockstad Extreme Fest, Rasnov, Romania
  • Agalloch, Darkspace, Dar Weg Eine Freihet, Dirty Granny Tales, Drontheim, Esben and the Witch, Manes, Shape of Despair, Skepticism, Wallachia, Year of No Light – 19-21 Aug Dark Bombastic Evening, Alba Iulia Romania
  • Myrkur – Viggeland Mausoleum, 28.08
  • Aura Noir, Baghera, Circus Maximus, Crucified Barbara, Dødheimsgard, Evile, From the Vastland, Hamferd, Hellish Outcast, Iskald, Khold, Korpiklaani, Nergard, Primordial, Sabaton, Skalmold, Stratovarius, Summit, Susperia, Tankard, Tellus Requiem, Troldskugge – 01-03 Oct, Trondheim Metalfest
  • Paradise Lost, Lucifer – 16 Oct John Dee
  • Leprous, Rendezvous Point, Sphere – 25.10 Nová Chmelnice, prague
  • 1349, Tusmørke – Vulkan Arena, 30.10 Vulkan Arena, Oslo
  • Leprous, Rendezvous Point, Sphere – 31.10 John Dee, Oslo
  • Snarky Puppy – 06.11 Victoria Jazzscene, Oslo
  • Gongbad med didjeridoo – 08.11, Viggeland Mausoleum Oslo
  • Moonspell,Dagoba – 10.11, John Dee
  • Aeternus, The C.L.A.S.P. Ritual, Enslaved, Gehenna, Ghaal’s Wyrd, Hades, Helheim, Kampfar, Old FUneral, Taake – Blekkmetal 13-15 Nov, USF Verfted, Bergen
  • Cradle of Filth, Ne obliviscaris – 18.11 John Dee Oslo
  • Keep of Kalessin, Vreid – 19.11 Rockefeller
  • Shining – 28.11 Parkteatret Oslo
  • Wardruna – 04.12 Riksscene
  • Seid – 10.12 Bistro på Kampen
  • Motorpsycho, Seid – 12.12 Byscene, Trondheim
  • Vulture Industries – 19.12 Garage Bergen
  • Dirty Granny Tales – Den Helige gest, Nurnberg – Silvestival, 31.12
  • Warp Riders, Cunt Fistula – Pokalen, 14.01
  • Yodok III – 15.01 Betong
  • Carach Angren, Ancient Rites, At The Gates, Sodom, Belphegor, Iced Earth, katatonia, Rhapsody of Fire, Holy Moses, Gamma Ray, Tsjuder, Moonspell, Hammerfall, Bloodbath, My dying bride, Skalmold, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom, Aura Noir,Susperia, Katatonia, Vader, At the Gates, Jam session, Moonspell, Sodom, Rhapsody of Fire – 70000 tons of Metal 4-8 Feb
  • Gren Carnation, Red Harvest, Vulture Industries, Virus, Vredhammer, Solefald, Manes, Ihsahn, Gorgoroth, Abbath, In the Woods, Svartjern, Mistur, Chrome Division, Viper Solfa, Dødheimsgard, Djevel, The 3rd Attempt, Sulphus, Slegest, Arcturus, Ancient – Blastfest, 10-14 Feb
  • Mattias Eick – 26.02 Victoria Jazz Scene
  • Kristoffer Lo&Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – 27.02 Parkteatret
  • Zu – 27.02 Blå
  • Soulfly, King Parrot – 06.03 John Dee
  • Amorphis, Omnium Gatherum, Poem – 08.03 Vulkan Arena
  • Pixel – 12.03 Victoria jazzscene
  • Nutopia – 01.04 Riksscene