A story involving apples

One morning, the king woke up in his castle as he heard a man yelling outside

“I have the sweetest apples ever! Come buy sweet apples”

Looking through the window he saw a merchant selling apples and he was surrounded by plenty of people. He thinks ‘Those apples must be really tasty’. So the king calls up the kingdom’s main adviser and orders him

‘Here’s 5 gold coins, go buy me apples from that man’

The advisor calls the second in charge and tells him

‘Here are 4 gold coins. Go buy apples’

This one calls the treasurer and tells him

‘Here are 3 gold coins and you have to buy apples from that merchant’

The treasurer calls the head of the guards, gives him two coins with the same purpose. The latter gives one guard 1 coin and the guard goes to the merchant

‘Hey, why are you yelling so loud? You woke up his highness. For punishment, I have to take away all your apples’

The guard returns to his superior and says

‘I made a great deal. With one coin I bought half of the merchant’s apples’

The guards’ headmaster goes to the treasurer ‘I negotiated and with the two gold coins I managed to buy a sack of apples’

Treasurer goes to the 2nd in charge ‘With 3 coins I bought a full bag of apples’

Then off next to the advisor ‘Here, the 4 coins were enough for half a bag of apples’

The advisor goes to the king and says ‘Your highness, I followed your order. But with 5 coins I only managed to buy 5 apples’.

The kings begins to eat the apple and thinks ‘Hmmm, 5 apples for 5 coins. So expensive. Yet, there were a lot of buyers. This means the population is wealthy and rich. Let’s increase the taxes’

The other title of the story could have been ‘How Romanian (or just place country name here) government works


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