Chrome Division, Lucid (live in Oslo)

Back to my favorite concert location in Oslo, John Dee. This time for Chrome Division, this cool heavy metal band from Norway having Shagrath and Lex Icon among members. But first on stage I got to see Lucid, also from Norway. I wasn’t able to find anything about them online but what I can tell you is that they have a very hot bass player. The big guy singing did a really god job and the female vocalist has a good voice, yet a tad too strident at times. But the 30 mins of show were entertaining. To get an impression for yourself, checkout the video here.

The main show started with some minutes of darkness and a scene with the curtains down, while we were hearing motorbike sounds and a suave woman voice announcing the band, like in this video. My surprise was the new singer. Apparently they replaced Eddie Guz with Shady Blue (aka Athera from Susperia). Good lucking guy and the voice is not bad at all. But I was so looking forward to hear the other guy sing. I had the chance though, since he came on stage to perform Trouble with the law.

All of them them put on the ‘bad guys’ look with their tight pants, fancy sharp shoes, leather jackets, hats, cigarettes, etc. And the singer kept changing his looks by adding or removing items. He did a good job at keeping the crowd entertained. He went to the front of the stage, shaking people hands, looking them in the eyes and having them singing. During one of the songs he managed to fall off the stage. Hope he didn’t get hurt too badly. Other show pieces that we didn’t miss were whiskey drinking, all guitarists gathering in front of the drums and making the same moves with the guitar, an extra guy showing up on stage during one of the songs, the microphone passed to some drunk guys in the audience to sing along. And it was one of the biggest moshpits I ever saw in Norway. I mean, Norwegian crowd is actually able to move and dance. Surprising. And annoying when you try to film or take photos.

The songs they played according to the playlist they had
1) Lets Hear It
2) Booze, Broads and Beelzebub
3) Breath Easy
4) Chrome Division
5) Wine Of Sin
6) The Boys From The East
7) Raise Your Flag
8) Raven Black Cadillac
9) Bulldogs (?)
10) Zombies (?)
11) Trouble With the Law
12) Life Of A Fighter
13) Rosie (?)
14) Rebel (?)
15) Serial Killer

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