Let’s try to put my fantastic trip over the ocean on paper (or well, screen since we’re saving trees). It probably won’t follow any logic since it’s been so full of amazing stuff and I simply can’t recall their order. It was just a rush of great moments coming one after another.

Speaking of saving and enviromental stuff. Here in Norway I am quite pissed at all these organic shits out there since the stuff on their market is so damn good that it makes absolutely no sense to come up with the organic blah blahs. Not to mention you lose all you saved growing plants organically by transporting them.  But there I understood that the usual stuff is actually full of younameit and itkillsyoufaster. I was surprised actually that coke was less sweeter but I was told it contains some sort of…sweetener that’s more damaging. And yea, if you pay attention to some of the labels you see how insane it is with the use of colors and sweeteners and flavors.

The flight over the ocean is insanely long. I know there’s longer flights, but still 9 hours…Luckily in the initial flight they offered these seats with mini screens and you could watch whatever you wanted from their offers. And they feed you many times, you can walk around and stretch and talk to the stwerads. That was fun and made time go by. And actually they also offerend internet and I so regret I didn’t try it. Woohoo, wifi at 10000 feet. Hell yea!

Arizona is HOT. No, didn’t meet any chick called that. Talking about the state here. I recall that after the trip, on the last day when we went to shops, I was considering melting as a way to escape the heat coming from the asphalt. And the cacti (plural for cactus, btw. Sam way you form the plural for octopus). And the sunsets. They’r elike in movies. And it probably influences people as everyone was quite laid back there and made oyu feel welcome. I mean, I met some amazing folks there. My hosts were way greated than I expected and on Friday night when Kristin’s family showed up, that was absolutely fantastic sitting down with all those…strangers afterall, but feeling so welcome there.  I actually had a bit of a christmas feeling.

The itinerary was something like Scottsdale, Kanab – visit the bestfriends animal sanctuary, escalante from where we visitd bryce canyon, boulder, calf creek falls, antelope canyona and horseshoe bend, grand canyon, sedona and back. I feel too lazy to write about everything as it’s too much. I took over 2000 pics…after I deleted at least half of them trying not to flood people with images. The canyons are unbelievable. I saw the pics before but I always thought it were only lucky shots. No. That’s what they really are. And stuff like Antelope canyon that not everyone knows of… I have no words and no way to repay my hosts for arranging the trip in such a way that in included these wonders.

The Grand canyon, one of m life time dreams is fuckin’ huge. As ugly as it sounds with that word, but that’s all you can say about it. And whistle when you see it. And when you know you only have few hours, you get really pissed and depressed and wanna leave. Really, that’s what I felt. I realized I need to get back for at least a week and with money to go rafting, take a helicopter ride and hike and stay overnight down in the canyon. It’s a beauty.

Nature is pretty well preserved, even if the places are quite full of visitors. I saw some garbage thrown by morons, but when I recall the romanian mountains…Heh.

I went horseriding. In Scottsdale. And the girl who led the way was amazing. She was totally in love with what she did, she was studying horse related stuff and it was a pleasure to listen to her stories for an hour and a half. I drank margeritas, Pumpkin ale, spicy pumpin ale, yellow and pink marguerita, I ate mexican food such as quesadilla and enchilada, drank some Alaskan ale, arrogant bastard…and something else, a mexican beer.  Tried stuff like Butterfinger I think (was funny that I asked Brent to explain what it is and the saleswoman heard him and said she’d never know how to explain that chocolate to anyone). New flavors of yumme Ben&Jerry icecream. Some Californian wines that were pretty decent. Cactus jelly. A yumme drnk with pina colada or daiquiri flavors. Oh, some yumme tea, liquorice like flavor. Think it was in the range of Chai. And some coconut flavor I think. Some really god macaroni and cheese prepacked.

Oh, the danes. First day in Escalante, which is a city with less than 1000 people I think, we go to the shop and my card doesn’t work. Brent tells the clerk it’s a Norwegian one and the guy starts asking me in Norwegian (I thought) if I speak Norwegian. Turned out he was speaking danish since he lived there 2 years. The next day, at one of the scenic views, I heard people talking and told Brent it sounds like Danish. He went and asked if they were Danish and told them I live in Norway. They went like ‘Oh, Denmark used to own Norway’. I replied ‘Yea, Sweden too’. And they said they’re glad they got rid of it. I told them it’s their loss.

Street signs are full of bullet holes in some places. Since that’s what kids like to do. I saw cowgirls actually riding around the cattle and trying to sort them. Harleys…mmm. A guy with a really old Harley explained us how they used to pain them. But it was impressive to see people on bikes riding on those neverending steep roads.

Etc, maybe will make a part 2, but there’s just too much to write…

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