So far…
– when I got to the airport, after exiting the stairs coming from the arrival area, 1001 fast foods. All of them full
– wide…wide streets, wide surfaces. At least in Arizona. No tall buildings which is so cool
– desert has a certain charm. Colors, silence, histories, it demands respect.
– air conditioning every where. Restaurants, houses. ANd pretty cold. I know some romanians who would have all the possible pains here.
– car is like air here. Can’t live without one. There’s no way to reach anything by foot here.
– running trails in the desert. That’s cool…esp when you encounter birds, rabbits and other creatures
– saw a dragon fly stuck in a huge cactus
– huge cactuses
– those huge cacti, when they die, the wood inside remains…and it’s used for furniture. Will link pics here when I have time. It was quite impressive.
– indian stuff is not just feathers and leather. The jewelry I saw is incredible
– mexican souvenirs are cool. Even if made in china. And the guy at the souvenir shops liked to show the scary stuff to the customers. He scared at least 3 people, including us.
– everything around the house is decorated for halloween
– their plants are cacti. And some bushes maybe. But that’s cool causer they don’t have to bother watering them nor cutting or any other cosmetics actions.


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