Unearth and Chimaira live in Oslo

In a concert hall called Betong, with a capacity of 1200 and belonging to the Students Association, we saw on September 18th a damn good show by Unearth and Chimaira. Initially we wanted to skip Unearth due my flu, but our plans didn’t match the ones of the organizers so we got there way before they started and even caught a bit of Daath I think – where ex Chimaira’s drummer, Kevin Talley, is currently playing. Which gave me enough time to purchase a Chimaira hoodie and wander around.
We found a good spot right next to the sound guys which was a little bit higher than the floor in front of the stage so it gave me a good view over the heads of the usually-much-taller-than-me Norwegians. Unearth came on stage and I admit I had no idea what kind of music to expect to, even if they played as opener for Chimaira. So I just started taking photos for the first two songs or so, trying to figure if I like their metalcore or not. But the camera didn’t help me make up my mind so only after I put it down and started paying attention to the mad guy on the stage, I got into the mood. And a good one, especially seeing the Metal Jesus christ on cross positions of the lead singer . But that was a small bit of a cool concert.
The energy and the loud voice of the main singer, Trevor Davis, was hypnotizing. And increasing with each song, all supported by a very good instrumental performance of his stage colleagues. The songs I recall are the ones I have filmed, Zombie Autopilot. Giles and Black hearts now reign but the crowd seemed pretty happy with the playlist, especially those who had an early start in the realm of Norwegian beer.

After a short break it was time to get infected by Chimaira. On my way back to the good spot, while checking out the scene, I noticed 2 McDonalds flags put up on the drum kit. Wonder if they sponsor the diet of some of the band members.
The groovy metal show started softly with the sweet intro of The Venom Inside, building up slowly into the song until the insane drumming of the chorus started to be felt in each cell of your body. It could as well have been the punches of those from the mosh pit who fell over the non-moshing crowd, but I can’t be sure of that now.
I was wishing to see Chimaira for a long time and to hear Mark Hunter’s harsh voice live which dind’t disappoint me. He spoke to the crowd, presenting the songs and the band and thanking the public for showing up.
The keyboard player was shaking his had so mad as you could think at any moment that he’d hit the keys with the nose. Guitarists came up with some nice solos and I saw them running around the stage few times, but mainly I was too busy headbanging for the rest of the concert on songs like Resurrection, Power trip, Empire, Severed, Everything you love, Secrets of the dead, Destroy and dominate, Nothing remains, Pain. It all had an epic ending with Pure Hatred and I think the usually silence and standing-still Norwegian crowd repaid the band with a good atmosphere.


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