Graspop day 3

Sunday…yey and *sigh* in the same time.  Was almost impossible to sleep the ngiht before so all I wanted since the first hour was a nice bed and a long shower. But the festival was too cool to wish away from it. Anyway, wI woke up and happily noticed a cloudy sky. Finally no more boiling (I was to be so wrong, the clouds were gone in 2-3 hours 😦 ). Frenkie told us that at night he was hearing some beeps and some sounds made by a camera zoom. Poor man. My video camera was somehow on…I brought it wiht me to fil the crowd in the camping on Sunday morning. Well, I managed to film but with the small camera that doesn’t have sound recording. It is a difference between people on friday and on sunday – checkout the crowd videos on youtube.

So, Frenkie brought the car closer to the cmaping, we took our stuff in and off to the festival. UFO opened the day with their old fashioned heavy metal that seemed pretty appealing to the relatively small number of present people. And perhaps more than half of them with a hangover (or more). I have no idea why I went to see Warbringer in the Maruqee 1 tent…but I got to hear some very high pitched guitar riffs on some very fast drumming and I think the singer was saying ‘Fuck’ every 2nd word (it’s not like most of the other bands used this word a lot, but they had the most of it). On my way to sit down and wait for Lamb of God I pased by Marquee 2 and heard bits of Diablo Boulevard. Another band to certainly check out as their rhythm and vocal seemed very pleasant to me. Again, something rocknrollish.

Then mmm, Lamb of God. Frenkie pointed out that they had like 32 speakers on the stage or so, but obviously they don’t use them all. Yet, the sound was incredibly powerful. Your stomach was vibrating with their bass. Considering their crazy groovy songs, it was expected to see huge moshpits again. And was one of the first bands that allows the crowd to sing and they stop ALL instruments. Most bands have either the drums, or a backing vocals or so. Also the vocalist was very talkactive which I actually like at shows and he interacted a lot with the crowd making them spin around or so, and he even took a little shower on stage.  His harsh voice remained as powerful for the entire performance and I can still hear the crowd’s screams when they played walk with me in hell. They also played other of the favorites such as Walk with me in hell, Ruin, Ruin, Redneck, Black Label.

Back to tent 1 to checkout Scar Symmetry…and interesting mix of power metal like with growling, as they had two vocalists with two different vocal skills and ranges which flow ok on the death metal rhythms. Trivium started after on the main stage and their double bass seemed impressive, same the energy of the singer or the guitarists who kept running from one end to the other of the stage. Yet, I was inside the press area, almost unable to move anylonger. Frenkie went to see Eths inside the smallest tent – a growling female fronted band – and he told me that it was packed and there were folks with Trivium tshirts at the entrance, DURING Trivium’s performance on the main stage. I am sorry I missed them. Candlemass in Marquee 1…the guy looks as awful as he did in Oslo, but the show was even worse since they didn’t have the scene settings and his ‘dark’ movements made no sense. I moved along quickly to check out Suicidal Tendencies. Again, no regrets on that decision. Some damn good thrash metal they played. I mean, I haven’t heard much of this genre and haven’t been too attracted by it, but seeing bands like this one live sort of changed my mind. God, give me enough time to listen to so much good new music. Again, it was another band who didn’t bother at all with any stage show. All they had was their music and the insanity of the crowd.

Chickenfoot…now that’s watching legends live.  When you have vocalist Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen and Montrose), bassist Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen), guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on the stage, all you can do is sit down and be amazed. It was like their 7th show together after they had just released an album. But you couldn’t see it’s a new band, due the experience of the members. They were again, so natural and delivered an incredible show (even if the music is not the catchiest I ever heard. I can hardly remember it, but each of the guys did a good job) and I hope that many of the young crowd is gonna end up checking out their old pefomances. The singer made a joke on the guy who was watering the crowd, saying he hopes there’s tequilla or at least vodka, since water would kill those people. Then he also asked to be sprayed.

On again to another powerful show from Devil driver. Think it had the most crowdsurfers, but the music was totally insane and the drumming was impossible. I enjoyed how the guitarist kept changing the ‘front’ plan of the stage so everyone of them got to ‘show off’.  And as if I didn’t have enough loud music, I moved along to see Sacred Reich. Holy shit, the organizers were brave to put them in a tent. They played their asses off, they had one of the loudest crowd I heard and I think they were screaming outside as well. Again, old school thrash metal that convinces me to  listen to it some more.

A break from crazy music to hear Disturbed on the main stage. Another uninteresting vocalist and another band I would have happily considered in a smaller tent and replace it with Sacred Reich or Anthrax for example. But before I went to see Anthrax (I was happy I knew the name :p ) I stopped by Epica. Aye, cool chick on  vocals but I heard to songs of theirs and I only knew there were two songs because there was a break at some point and she spoke a little. Ok music but seemed too repetitive. So we moved to Anthrax’ tent. Again, it was packed. It was crazy in there with everyone headbanging, crowdsurfing (over and over again) or jumping up and down. Or moshpiting but those I didn’t really see too well. I heard they have a new vocalist but in my opinion he did a hell of a job. He electrified everyone. And he seemed as if he was plugged in since he had the same amount of energy at all parts of his performance.

Nightwish time. I admit I like some of their old songs, some I actually love. I don’t like Tarja, but I admire her voice. I heard very little of the new kid (hardly a girl or a woman) and I knw she had a totally off voice. But god, when she started to … produce sounds, I felt the need to cover my ears. For Christ sake, I know they didn’t want a Tarja copy, but then don’t ask a kid to sing Tarja’s songs. She can’t do high notes or if she does they’re too strident. The long melodic notes are turned into a lower piteched ‘aaaaa’s that are very unpleasant. The songs are totally rearranged and actually Marco has to play the stronger parts (that belonged to Tarja). And she is ugly, she is fake…oh well, it’s their choice of a vocalist. It was an extreme turn off for everyone I spoke to and we were happy when it ended. They had some nice fireworks and fires during the show, but uncool as it wasn’t completly dark. Actually, considering it was one of the headliners, I didn’t really see the crowd too interested. There was plenty of room in front. Manson had more people gathered for his performance.

7 Days to the Wolves
Dead to the World
The Siren
Ghost Love Score
Dead Boy’s Poem
Dark Chest of Wonders
Wish I Had An Angel

We moved our asses to the tent where Children of Bodom was playing.  They had some keyboard problems and the keyboardist was pissed at the beginning of the show as he kept calling the technician. But the show was cool, again too bad they were in a tent. Not the best band I know but the crowd was again coming in huge numbers and really enjoying the music. I heard people complaining about the setlist, as they didn’t include all the expected hits:

Bodom Beach Terror
Hate Me!
Living Dead Beat
In Your Face
Children of Decadence / Bed of Razors
Hellhounds On My Trail
Angels Don’t Kill

Last band came on the main stage. Or last man or whatever. Manson. Marylin…I was looking forward to see his show, to see how weird or crazy it can get. But after seeing plenty of people imitating his looks in the crowd (I was feeling to desire to stop them and tell them they’re ugly) I already had enough. His show started with a huuuuuge curtain blocking the view on the stage and you could see the smoke coming from behind. Eventually they lifted it and everything was red due the smoke and lights. So actually I recall seeing a red show with some incredible ugly people on stage…Musicaly it was Manson, dunno, sound was good but really not my cup of tea. We left even before half of his show and by the time it ended we were in Eindhoven and soon zzzleeeping. And I woke up with a flu..and, oh well, the rest is unrelated to festival so there’s time for more posts.

Cheerio and I hope to go to Graspop again!


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