Graspop day 2

Not easy waking up or stretching your bones after the night in the tent, but well, we managed to. We got at the festival ground before the gates were open for the crowd so we had the chance to see how those places look when CLEAN (yea, they cleaned all the mess during nighttime) and deserted. And experiened the birds who probably had a feast at night.

The day was opened by Inquest who had replaced Killswitch engage (due the death of one family member of one of the membewrs). Don’t remember anythign from them. So I went to meet Ron and his buddies at Metaldome and had a glance at Manic Movement, a female fronted band with good potential. But it’s one of the many. Later I stopped by Maruqee 1 to have a look at Keep of Kalessin. As I remember them, heavy fast black stuff with incredible head banging or actually head spinning skills. Moving along after like 1 song and since Mastodon got delayed I thought to pay a visit to Metaldome where Negura Bunget was playing. I stopped there for 2 minutes I think because on the way to the tent I heard some really nice music coming to my ears from the main stage. It was Black Stone Cherry so I walked out to see them. Now that had some pleasant tunes. The singer was also very entertaining, using the hose on the crowd and asking to be watered himself. Really nice solos, drummer used his drumsticks on the bass, the guitarists used his teeth or played behind his back  on Voodoo Chile. I should listem to them again.

Back to Marquee1 to see another heavy band, Kataklysm. I heard of them a very long time ago and it was obvious they have devoted fans who screamed their names and went mad during their performance. Really tough stuff, but not necesarily my taste, yet glad I saw them live. Then it was time for one of another favorite of mine. Mastodon, on the main stage. They placed a huge image of their last album cover as background of their stage and I don’t think they bothered with too many effects during the show. It was another one of the concerts based on quality of the music and I totally adored that and the switch between main vocals (not easy to copy on stage). Their playlist included songs like The Czar and Iron Tusk, and even Blood and Thunder but maybe due the heat, the energy was not extremly high. Yet, the bassist compensated as he was explosive. Other songs they played The Wolf Is Loose, Colony Of Birchmen and the crazy Bladecatcher.

A bit later on the main stage Hatebreed launched the madness with their totally hardcore punk style. There was a huge cloud of dust in front of the stage and the singer encouraged the crowd at some point to take off their tshirts, bras or anything else they have at hand and just spin them above their heads. Imagine the show offered by the crowd (besides the enormous moshpits). What was also nice of them was that they dedicated songs to the fans, to the organizers and to the guys from Killswitch engage who couldn’t make it.

I heard a big of Dagoba from France but I don’t remember being too impressed. And as Frenkie told me that Death Angel is an old school thrash band, I decided to go and check.  I was really happy with my decision. I don’t know how their music sounds on recordings, but live they made an incredible job seeming to play flawless. Energy, good vocals, lots of drums and bass and pure crazy music to heard and watch. Awesome. We later moved to Marquee 2 where we hadn’t been before. Duff McKagan’s Loaded  (Duff McKagan is an ex GunsNRoses member) was playing there. They played a lot of Guns covers, such as So Fine, Paradise City, but also from other bands such as Living after midnight, I wanna be your daddy. He dedicated the ‘So fine’ song to the chicks out there, and at some point a song about hate was dedicated to Mastodon and another band. Actaully his presence was kinda annoying so I didn’t bother watching all the concert.

Another legend was to start on the main stage: Journey. I knew they are quite an old band and I was so surprised to see how young the singer looked. And how powerful his voice was, although not the most pleasant ‘yellings’.  Their old fashioned guitar solos were quite delightful and of course the main hit ‘Don’t stop believing’. In between bands, there were two guys presenting the some news or the next bands. I’ll refer to them as the idiots, since they kept making jokes on MJ such as there is some sort of contest and the winner gets to play all London concerts with MJ cover band or MJ is alive and we can find him at the hot dog stand.

Two more bands left on the main stage. One crazier than another. First Korn with the new drummer in the band who actually seemed to fit in very well. I didn’t know many of the songs they played since I didn’t really listen to them, but they sounded good. They were very alive on the stage, sending very positive energy to the crowd who kept moving around. And they introduced bits of covers in their songs, such as Another brick in the wall, Enter sandman, we will rock you or Final countdown that thrilled the audience who was throwing more or less anything up in the air, including rolls of toilet paper.  Actually the crowd started singing quite loud before the band came on stage. I didn’t see this too often.

Before the last act, I went to see Volbeat. I got aquinted with them on the way from Eindhoven to Dessel since Frenkie keeps listening to them in the car and I was actually mad about their music. Was really looking forward for the concert and I didn’t get disappointed at all. They totally rocked and I am really considering to state that they were the best concert of the festival. Will keep thinking about it. They were supposed to play last year, but the singer’s father had passed away exactly on the same day so they had to cancel. Now, the singer said his father wouldn’t have wanted him to mourn, but to be where he was and rock the place. And hell yea they did. His Elvis like voice, accompanied by the rocknroll metal was a total blast. I think that even the tattoos on his body were jumping aroun as the perfectly entertained crowd did and they would have even went crowdsurfing if possible. Another cool surprise from them were playing covers like ‘Angelfuck’ from Misfits or Slayer’s ‘Raining blood’  I hope they will get on the main stage in the future. The small tent was too small for them.

Other went to Lacuna Coil and after reading another review on this page I can’t say I regret any bit not seeing them. The guy stated something like ‘After watching a few songs from Lacuna Coil (please Andrea Ferro, shut UP for the love of God you tone-deaf idiot) and getting bored’ Hihi.

Final band of the day and on the main stage, Slipknot. Can’t say they did anything out of the ordinary for a Slipknot show. Everyone had masks. Everyone ran around the stage, jumped on the drums while playing them, headbanged, you name the action. Total madness but it led to an awesome show. And I love Corey’s voice, even if not necesarily on Slipknot’s music.  They were excited to be headliners for the first time since they started playing at Graspop MM and stated that they believe in real music. I had fun watching the guys playing the drums as if they were part of a fanfare.  The next day I heard shared opinions about their performance, both of hate and of pleasure. I think that for a headliner, they did a good show druing nighttime.

Iowa (Intro)
Wait and Bleed
Get This
Before I Forget
The Blister Exists
Dead Memories
Left Behind
People = Shit
Spit It Out
Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)

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