Norway pt.4

Thought I’d mention roadworks one day. Since it’s one of the biggest issues in Romania and maybe in many countries. And of course, Norwegians complain about the works and their roads and such. But for Christ Sake it is not possible to keep all the damn roads in a country in perfect holeless shape. Yet, as long as you don’t have other roads to compare to, you think that driving at 20 km/h instead of 60 for a while is soooo bad. Yea, try 0 for 2 hours. While looking at the idiots drivinng on the lanes going the opposite way then everyone wonders why they got stuck.

Bah. But let’s get into cities. All cities have road works. It should be added to Einstein’s theory, that stupid people and the universe are infinite or so. Plus roadworks. For example, in Edinburgh on one of the main street they are setting up tram lines. After they removed the trams many years ago. They’re Scots though, have mercy 🙂

In Oslo, they have this bad habbit of putting signs around the areas where they dig out the ground and all. They are marking new paths for pedestrians. Even if it’s a labyrinth between cars and such, but they DO bother to help you pass through. It takes longer than usual, it can be muddier than usual, but it’s not you having to be at workers’ mercy. They mind their own business but before they start it they make sure you don’t bother them and they don’t bother you.

And I haven’t seen the Gigei, a Romanian word lately used to describe the one young guy in a team of workers who looks like working while all the others circle like eagles around him and share oppinions about how things should be done. If they’re not at lunch or on one of the daily 50 coffee breaks. Workes here work. Dig, drive cars, wash, move things, carry things. I haven’t seen them daydreaming.

And guess the consequence of the working actions. You eventually see the results. Streets get covered after few months, despite the fact that there was a 5 meters deep and 500 meters long hole. Sooner or later there’s asphalt on top of it, white marks for lanes, streetlights etc. But no, for Norwegians it takes too long. That’s when I get pissed at them.

I notice they are building roads through the huge rocks around the city and the shore. They keep on digging, making roads on top of other roads…Again, the result is a moving traffic let’s say. Yea, they have rush hours. They have queues. But I live in the center and from work to home it never took me more than let’s say 30 mins. But that’s extreme. 10 mins max to work in the morning is something normal. And it’s more than 2 streets away.

Why is that? Well, these people foresee that if, for example, you try to turn left and you’re on the rightmost lane and you’re not in UK, there are high chances you block the crossroad. And it’s not that you piss the others, but you’re also late. So…even if it’s for hundreds of meters to wait in a queue on the lane you need, they do that. Yellow color of the streetlight is not equivalent to step on it if there’s no room in front. Nor even the green color. I’ve seen it so often that people don’t move even if it’s green just because they risk blocking those who’ll have green soon and come from left or right. Plus roundabouts. Where priority is respected. It’s a madness, but it works, it moves, it flows.

I heard it’s not easy to drive around Oslo though. Bad signs and it’s confusing with tram lines. I can tell that since sometimes they’re on the right side of the street, sometimes on the middle and if you’re not used to it… But they have some streets with barrier for public transport. So if you go by car on those streets, usually during rush hours, you have to wait for a bus or tram to approach and lift the barrier. Else you wait. So no wonder they manage to respect a schedule and I’ve never experienced a too packed bus or tram where I had to smell someone’s perfume (or lack of it).

I still believe people can be civilized. And common sense is not a fairy tale.


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