Norway pt. 3

All I can think to mention now is something that has really impressed me. How some shops know to be friendly.

First supermarkets. I know they somehow force the employees when you pay o say ‘Hi’, but dunno, it’s good they do it. It makes it better both for me and for them. It’s always nice to have people greeting you rather than just mumbling and giving you a look as if you just raped them and their family.

But, today I was looking to buy an orange tree or lemon tree or so. I went to a flower shop on my way home and the didn’t have any. And the woman offered to call me and tell me if they get them tomorrow. It’s not the first time I get this. I wanted to buy underwear and they didn’t have my size and color or so. I left my phone number and I got an SMS when they had the product in stock. That’s really cool.

Ah, and I can tell my experience at the doctor today. Appoitment at 10.45. I get there at 10.40 and sit down and wait…wait…wait. Some people are already there, some come afterwards. Most of them are called in. I had an appoitment at a male doctor and the only male doctor who was calling for patients looked kinda… priestish. Dunno, didn’t inspire me anything.

But I kept waiting…after 30 mins I went to the recptionist and asked how long do I have to wait. She told me to just wait since that’s the rule. That was enough to hear…wtf, what do you mean that’s the rule? Then put my bloody appoitment 30 mins later if there’s a rule to wait 30 mins…Are they running some sort of experiment to see how people react when waiting? Gah…dunno, I’m usually patient but today I got really pissed off and left. And I asked if I have to pay for waiting 30 mins…I can’t remember what she said exactly but yea, I have to pay else…bla bla. So -1 for Norway at this point.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia time. Then zzz.



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