A nice gift

One of the sweetest things that ever happened to me…I was in XXL shop (sports stuf, buying things for my bike ) and while waiting for my turn in the queue, a 3-4 years old girl running after her mum stops in front of me and gives me a little plastic flower saying she wants me to have a flower from her. I’m touched…I don’t know why this happened nor what it is supposed to mean, yet it was so cool that it did.

Anyways, while waiting for the shop to fix my bike (I bought a little basket, and oh well stuff I don’t know how to say in english) wich they estimated to last for 1h, I went around the area. It’s quite central, next to Oslo cathedtral and I went on the street up til Youngstorget. Dunno why but there are tents with sales all over the place. Meaning that a lot of shops are brining out their clothes and selling them for incredible prices. Mainly clothes, but also body shop stuff or drug stores or even food. It was also in front of Oslo S where I spent some $$ earlier and then, in the square at YS there is some international whatever it is. But there are lots of tents where they cook and serve food from various countries. Thai, chinese, some arabian stuff, somali and more. And some african music on the background. Now that I come to think of it it’s damn cool to have the chance to see and try all these, without having to travel nor to go to some whatever restaurant. I like the idea and I think they have it all summer long. Probably it’s packed in the harbor as well, with tents.


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