Jethro Tull in Oslo, Jun 2009

Oh yeaaaa, hail to all might Ian Anderson and the others. Second time I see these guys live after I somewhat recently rediscovered them (grew up on their music). I don’t manage to find the right word for the awesomeness of such an experience. I mean, how would you describe some 2.5 hours of your life that make you happy for many days to come? And bring a smile on your face everytime you think back of it?

They had a concert here last year, but I moved to Norway after it was sold out. I can’t remember when I bought the tickets, in March or earlier. But few days after it was again sold out. For a concert in June… Well, AC/DC was sold out in what, 20 mins? The venue is called Oslo Sentrum, or maybe just Sentrum. Never been there before, always passed by on my way to Rockefeller. I was told the venue is an old cinema and it looks like one since it has a balcony and the floor is not…straight (yea, gay floor).
I think I spoiled the age average…most people had white hair (if any). But it was cool to also notice the young rockers that you could also see at a heavier concert. I like to see them at old bands’ concerts. Not to mention the feeling of geekiness I got there…dunno why.
Nothing fancy on stage, not even too many lights. They don’t need it. I doubt anyone bothers to notice them anyway.

We waited for like 1h and a half and they came on the stage ‘in the dark’ and started with…a song I don’t know:p Rest of the playlist was Beggar’s farm Living in the past Jeffrey goes to Leicester square Farm on the freeway Back to the family Heavy horses Mother goose (with blockflutes) Bourée, Past time IN good company (King Henry’s madrigal) Sweet dream Dharma for one incl. drum and guitars solo Thick as a brick My god Aqualung — Locomotive breath.
Anderson as usual with his funny comments in between songs (something about General Motors and farms on highways for example and…argh, can’t remember). They said they don’t play Jeffrey g.t.l. too often nor Back to the family so I’m happy I got the chance to see them. I wanted to film a video so I started my camera after Beggar’s farm not knowing what comes next. And there it was, mmmm, Living in the past. Anderson’s voice seems to improve during the concert. It starts out a bit like a damaged goat but then it wakes up.

On the solos, I appreciate that he went backstage and let the other guys getting attention. He obviously did his leg dancing and was wearing his familiar vest and…what do you call that cap-like. The blockflutes on Mother Goose were so cool and also the xylophone or the mini drums they brought in front and which the drummer played at for one song.
The crowd exploded at Aqualung. But it was a…Norwegian crowd. Still as stones. I mean, yea, clappng occasionally, but everyone I saw in front of me didn’t move at all during the concert (was a seated concert, ok?). I kept dancing on the chair, moving left and right and I notice someone doing the same on the right-back side but no more. But it’s their loss they don’t enjoy themselves.
Yet, when the band left the stage for the 1st time, oh man did they applaud. LOUD. And they bothered to stand 🙂

And btw, the concert had a 15 minutes break. Hihi. As I said, they had very few lights. Think I noticed 3 or 4 colors and hardly any light ‘effects’ as in spinning stuff or much blinking. And I didn’t have earplugs, yet the music they played with the accoustic of that arena…with the seated silent crowd, yea, it was an incredible Jethro Tull concert.

so remember, songs from the wood make you feel much better

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