Norway pt.2

  • A new supermarket opened right next to where I live. The day before the opening, I found a bag with various goodies hanging on my doorknob. A pizzaslicer, a yoyo, a little ice bear, coffe, a small shampoo and conditioner, a key chain and few more. Today I went shopping. Gosh, I recall that in Romania when anything opens, even if they sell dogshit, people are literary stepping on eachother and are vandalising the place – – It was empty here today. EMPTY. When I paid, I noticed one other person paying at the other Kasse. That’s all. The objects on shelves were in one piece, no signs of invaders. And I got an extra yoghurt as present.
  • At work as the summer came, we have ice cream sessions to call them so. Somebody goes out and buys eyescream and we go outside and eat it. Chat, get tanned etc. On Monday we even had the weekly meeting outside the building, standing and eating eyescream. How cool is that?
  • Dogs in Norway have tails. And good manners. I mean, little puppies are jumping frenetically, but most dogs I saw on the streets are walking next to their owners. I haven’t seen those…mouth thingies for dogs. And I saw that rottweillers, cockers and such do have a tail by default. And ears. They still remove their balls, but that’s a detail I know from theory. I don’t check.
  • You are being greeted when you go to shops. Or when you pay at supermarket. Even if it is something they HAVE to do, but it’s a simple gesture that leads to a win win situation. They treat you politely, you have no reason to have a day worse than it was already (though there’s not so many reasons to have a bad day here) by looking at an unsatisfied and frustrated cow chewing gum and making you feel like the doom day is close.
  • Almost everything is closed on Sunday. They have 7-11’s and few other shops open and fruit shops owned by foreigners. But that’s it! And they complain but it’s actually good. You don’t need to go shopping all day long. No, stay the hell in or go out and have fun. Don’t turn into a shopaholic more than you are. Plus those employees have a chance to a more decent life than those in other countries forced to work on sundays till 10 or more.
  • They stop selling alcohol weekdays at 8 I think and saturdays at 6. In shops that is. You have pubs afterwards or better some supplies. Or Sweden. I don’t think it makes much of a difference…who wants to drink bought it by that hour anyway. Plus, banning something somehow draws attention to it and it becomes more wanted than it was. And a totally stupid law is for pubs to close at 3 or 3.30 AM. Then the fun and the show begins. Norwegians, when they go out, they HAVE to drink. It’s like it has been embedded in their genetic code. And drink!= 1,2 beers. Drink as long as you’re out. Or as long as there’s something to drink and has alcohol. So they actually start the evening at somebody’s place, a preparty till 11 or 12 then they go out and go on. So at 3 AM I dare you to walk straight on the streets of Oslo. And I dare them not to start fighting for taxis or whatever their drunk minds imagine. But they keep complaining about violence as consequence of alcohol. You sure have it when the whole city goes home drunk at the same hour.

/end of part 2

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