Norway pt.1

The meaning of this blog was actually to put down my impressions on Norway and…on whatever else I have impressions on and wanna write about them. And I’ve been postponing it for ages now and I actually have to start one day. And today is as good as any other.
There won’t be any logical sucession in them and I’ll try not to make them as stories, but as short titles and detail where needed. So here goes:

  • Lilac everywhere in the city. In Romania, gypsies cut it down and sell it in the markets or on the streets. Here it grows wild and free and it’s an absolute pleasure to walk around and feel its smell.
  • At the gym I see most people training for the sake of training. I saw some darker colored people or 15 y.o. kids who come there to show off. But everybody usually trains. At least at the hours I go by. Nobody wears the latest fashion sports clothes and loses breathe when they lift 2 kilos.
  • Busses, trams, subways have a dedicated place for baby wagons. There is a special button to press on so the driver knows to keep the doors open longer. Btw, a bus won’t stop at the next station if there’s nobody in the station and nobody pressed the STOP button inside. Tickets can be bought from the driver.
  • Cars stop at pedestrians crossings
  • Cars usually keep their lane. Nobody tries to draw sin(x) on the street and nobody tries to be first at the streetlight – in Romania it’s a must, even if it means to be on the rightmost lane when you wanna go left. Horns are a rarity around here… When I have friends over I ask them to count how many they hear.
  • Sun came after winter. Thes epeople seem to know to appreciate it. They are having their cold and introvert parts, but when there’s good weather, it’s like they’re blossoming. They come out of nowhere and fill all the parks in the city. And yes, they DO have a lot of parks or small areas where you can sit and…enjoy being there.
  • Most people services (where you have to go to an office, wait in queue such as post, banks, drug stores, etc) have this smart system of asking you to pick a queue number and wait till your number is listed on top of one of the desks. Nobody can ‘save a space’ for himself and the rest of his relatives. And they don’t seem to have the mania of fixing everything in the morning. Probably because it doesn’t take the whole day to go from one office to another. And the week afterwards.
  • Getting an apoitment at the doctor was surprising. First of all, after you get your social ID, you go to and pick a doctor (a lot of foreign names there). Then you call his or her office and ask for an apoitment. I got one in 3 weeks after I called. It’s probably they encourage the prevention and periodical checks instead of going to the doctor as a last resort (after you have tried the herbs of all known and unknown grandmothers and of course, the all mighty google suggestions). Hence, for emergencies you pay some more. I hope I won’t need to face it in more detail soon to get to know it better.
  • Dentist, another story. An expensive one. Even the doctor I went to told me to fix the big stuff somewhere else in the world. But he looked at one of the works I had done by my dentist in Romania and he said he has never seen something like that. They don’t do it anymore in Norway and he called the others to have a look. I was the attraction there for a while. And I wasn’t wearing a clevage. They have some sort of all in one dentist chair. They can take xrays on the spot, have a lot of monitors to see all sort of images, the sterilization and safety measures are much more well kept. The bad memory is when he dropped a drop of chlorine in my eye. And when he gave me a shot of adrenaline – I never felt my knees so weak.

/end of part one


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