moving to Oslo

I moved to Norway in June 2008. I signed the contract with the company at the end of April so I only had one month to prepare my departure.
So I started gathering all my stuff and putting it in bags.
I have packed two big bags, mostly with clothes, cosmetics and stuff I was attached to. But they were way over 40 kilos and the fly company limit was 20. Everything over 20 was supposed to be paid. So I had to unpack everything and start over. With some help from my mum, I ended up with only 25 or 30 kilos. I left back a lot of clothes I knew I rarely use or I wouldn’t need for the summer. And those were the heaviest.
And I did not know whether I would stay more than 6 months so maybe it was a good idea not to pack too much.
At the airport, I was prepared to pay for the extra luggage weight. But a funny story happened. The flight was scheduled to leave at 7AM. Me and my mother and a friend and her parents went to the airport before 5 as you have to be there two hours before departure. But we got there even earlier. I was flying with Lufthansa and we noticed that the queue for Lufthansa checking was getting bigger and all the previous Lufhtansa flights were delayed. At 7, the checking for my flight hasn’t started.
We went to ask what happened and found out that the Lufthansa system was down and no check-in was possible anywhere in the world. So all Lufthansa flights had delays that morning.
After a while things got fixed and the checkin started. So I left Bucharest and landed in Munchen I think. But my flight had already left since Lufthansa couldn’t delay all its flights to wait for the others. So I had to go to an office, wait in a long queue and see when I can arrive in Oslo. I called the colleague who was waiting for me and explained the situation. But I was lucky because a new flight left after an hour and I was moved in it. So I arrived in Oslo with few hours delay, but at least I arrived in the same day I was supposed to.
The story doesn’t end here. At the Oslo airport I went to get my luggage but only one of the two bags arrived. So I had to go and declare the other one as lost. But again, luckily, it was found and delivered to the office after few days. In one piece and with all the stuff inside. So despite the adventures, the story ended well for me in a house way beyond my expectations.

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